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Search PubMed

Field Tags

You can can skip using the Add to query box feature but still control what fields are searched by adding field tags directly onto terms you type into the Query box.

Remember, field tags tell PubMed where in the article record you want it to search for a term. Author, title, journal title, abstract, and MeSH terms are examples of fields that you can search.

Field tags are written in square brackets after the search term.

Example: cardiovascular [ti]

PubMed has a list of searchable fields, their definitions, and how to apply them. Some helpful field tags are listed below.

Title [ti]

This limits the search to only words in the title of the article (or e-book). This is useful during exploratory topic searches, where you just need to find a few, highly relevant articles to get you started on understanding the topic and identifying keywords.

To locate all materials with "stroke" in the title, search:

  • stroke [ti]

Title/Abstract [tiab]

This limits the search to only words in the title and the abstract of the article. This is useful if one of the words is a common journal title or a common author surname.

To locate all materials with "stroke" in either the article title or the abstract, search:

  • stroke [tiab]