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Search PubMed

Saved Searches & Alerts

You can save any search you run in PubMed and set it to email you an alert when new results are found matching the search.

Saved searches are dynamic. They will continually update with any new results that match your search terms.

Saved searches are displayed and managedthat is, altered, updated, and deletedon your My NCBI Dashboard.

Screenshot of My NCBI Saved Searches screen

How to Create an Alert

1) Log into your My NCBI Account.

2) Run a search. Make certain the search is structured correctly and returns the type of results you want to review.

3) Click on Create Alert just below the search box.

4) Name the search something simple, distinct, and descriptive.

Do not alter anything in Search terms box. This is the search strategy PubMed will dynamically run for you in the future.

5) Select whether or not you want an email of new results for the search.

6) Click Save.

The search will now be located on your My NCBI dashboard.

My NCBI saved search for community-based dental education. The email updates are set to email monthly on the first Sunday with a summary of at least five items.